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We are a Small Moving Company 

Serving all of Ontario - Including GTA 
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About The Owner

David Barnard started his career in 1988 with Canadian Tire in Ottawa, Ontario.  5 years later after becoming the automotive parts manager he changed his career path and started at Rogers Wireless (Then Cantel) before Iphones, blackberries and certainly before wireless internet.  Phones were expensive.  Carriers billed per minute and we all paid through the nose.  In the past 5 years David obtained his AZ licence allowing him to drive large 18 wheel transports all over Canada and the United States.  Tamara Transport was born and has already been satisfying customers freight and moving needs within Ontario.   two men in a truck Mississauga, cheap movers toronto

Backing up a big rig is an art form.  Experienced truckers make it look easy.  David spent a year in this truck picking up sugar, kayaks, water, paper, plastic,  you name it he hauled it.

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Some Where in the Mid West

David spent much of the last few years in large trucks like this one.  Truckers sleep, eat and basically live in their trucks.  Without these truckers on the road our stores would be empty.  You wouldn't be able to fill your car with fuel, fill your stomachs with food and the economy would come to a complete stop. The next time you pass a trucker on the road give him the respect and space he deserves.