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TOP 10 THINGS TO DO                              BEFORE MOVERS ARRIVE

OK, So you booked your mover and they are scheduled to come tomorrow at 10:00 am.  Here is a quick list of things you can do to make everything go as smooth as butter.

1. Make sure movers have a clear path in and out of your house or apartment.  Move shoes out of the hallway, remove pictures from walls, that family vase that Aunt Bessy gave you needs to be moved.  Doors need to be opened as far as possible to allow large furniture to pass, so make sure that umbrella you have behind the door is out of the way.
2. Make sure all cars are moved ahead of time so that movers have a spot to park.
3.  Make sure driveway is clear of ice and snow to avoid slips and falls. Bicycles and toys out of way.
4.  All boxes need to be packed properly and taped so that they can be stacked on top of each other.  Remove legs off of tables, and bed frames can be disassembled and taped. 

5. Remove all bulbs from lamps, tape lamp cords to base of each lamp to avoid damage and accidents, lamp shades can be removed and boxed. 
6. Wrap all dishes layered in paper carefully as to avoid breakage.  Smaller boxes are better to avoid excessive weight. Fragile stickers can be applied to notify movers of breakable items.

7. Take the day off from work.  Put down your cell phone.  There is a mover with a 200 pound couch in his hands that needs to know where it goes.  Be courteous of the movers time.

8. You love your pet cat or dog but if you don't want them loose in the neighbourhood or stepped on, you better put them in a bathroom or bedroom.
9. Floors that are clean and dry are easier for your movers to maneuver through while carrying heavy furniture.
10.  Moving day can be a stressful day for most people.  Work as a team with your fFamily and movers but most of all have fun.